Saturday, October 23, 2010

A mission to protect our monuments!

13th OCTOBER 2010
The students of class IX and X were taken to the ancient monuments of Jaipur namely City Palace and Jantar-Mantar. Apart from these two, they were also taken for a visit to Govind Devji Temple, one of the ancient temple of Jaipur. This trip was based on their CCE activity.
Students took banner’s in their hands highlighting and spreading message for preserving and protecting the monuments.
The banner’s highlighted the following –
1.    “Protect our monuments,
Protect our Culture”.
2.    “Donot make our
Monuments Dirty”
3.    “Do not throw garbage
in our Monuments”.
Purpose of the visit –
To spread awareness among people to preserve and protect the monuments, and thereby preserve Indian culture.

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